Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Day 8: Filling in the White Space

M and I finished up our unit on Ancient Egypt today.  We pulled out the as-long-as-my-living-room-and-dining-room-together pull-out timeline book to look at the end of the Egyptian dynasties and the beginning of the Persian Empire.  

It's fascinating--all of these powerful kingdoms in history--bright and shining in their time, some leaving rich legacies (and some not so much), but they have all crumbled.

Last year I made our own timeline book so that we could visualize when all of the people we were reading about have lived--to see how long ago it really was and what was going on in the world.

Our lives are on there, too.  

It is incredibly strange to look out at the numbers--the years--and to see when your color won't be there anymore.  And yet, motivating.  How do I want to fill in the spaces I have left?

Part of the 31 Day Challenge.
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