Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 18: This Week's Captured Moments (Five on Friday)

Among all of the other stuff of the week, here are a few highlights...

1.  This week Beza started staying at school a little longer one day to eat lunch and to have a little extra play time with friends.  While she was doing that, the other two and I leisurely browsed the library book sale and then the library.  (We also had pie for lunch.)

2.  Fall nights with a full moon are enchanting.  (At soccer practice.)

3.  Such mixed emotions--T has determined (and reluctantly M) that he would like to stop sucking his thumb.  He decided that the best way to deter himself is to use Ninja Turtle bandaids.  (The first morning that he woke up after trying his bandaid technique he was surprised that the bandaid was wet because there was no way he could have possibly been sucking his thumb--"You can't move when you sleep--it must be sweaty.")  And why has he decided to stop now?  Because he doesn't want to work on it when he's seven, because "Daddy wants me to stop" and because, "I want to be like a grownup.  I want to grow out of my habit."  (End goal: Rollerblades.)

4.  Beza's blue clover from the painted lines at soccer practice.

5.  This week the small crew played their first games of Monopoly (Jr.).  They are fans of games involving money...

Hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

Part of the 31 Day Challenge.
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