Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 11: Snapshots from the Week (Five on Friday)

1.  J is engaged in an ongoing battle against grubs.  (And crows--who are eating the grubs but tearing up the grass in the process.)  Take 2 in two weeks on exterminating the grubs and replanting the grass.

2.  Bumblebee likes cheese wraps.

3.  Raisins totally count as fruit.  (Also, the only fruit or vegetable she is currently eating.)  (Shhh...please, keep the raisins are fruit info to yourself. ;)

4.  Beza: "I like your Daddy shirt, Mommy!"  Later she pointed out a few more options for me to try out from J's side of the closet.

5.  A fall sunset.

 Have a beautiful fall weekend!

Part of the 31 Day Challenge.
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