Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Day 1: Let's Start With Today

Pausing to find the good stuff--Let's start with today...

A day full of the continuing eating issues that I'm pretty sure are responsible for the growing number of gray hairs on my head.  And the stuff that makes me think my kids are three books ahead of me in reading the antidote to any strategies I might try.  In the afternoon there was the guitar lesson--the kind of outing that makes me think there should be badges for this because I'm sitting in a room for 30 minutes trying to keep Beza and T quiet while they are just mere centimeters from giant drum sets.  Admittedly they do awesome, but there is a recipe for imminent disaster written all over that scene.  Right now there are soiled sheets in the washing machine and there is forgotten homework on the table.

But then, tonight there was this..

A tip jar.
And that just makes me laugh.  Who even knew they knew about tips?

They have been making art upstairs like no one's business.  
The process looks a bit like this.

And the art--it looks like this.
(They are frantic for more tape.)

There's a whole stack of it waiting to be tucked away.

And even more coming from their gallery (that accepts tips)
named SoSo.

With artists who randomly leave me taxes.  (Again, who knew they knew about taxes?  Maybe from us "taxing" a bite of their sweet treats from time to time?  We're such great teachers. ;)

And at the end of the day I do have a drawer full of fresh, clean socks (that are actually put away), little peeps with full bellies tucked into their beds with flashlights (maybe so they don't trip over all of that art if they need to get up later?) and thankful for the ingenuity of random tip jars. ;)

 Part of the 31 Day Challenge.


  1. These are beautiful! A great idea for 31 days!

  2. Hello! I stopped over because you and I seem to be on a similar page with our #31Days theme. Seeing the art in life! I am absolutely LOVING your take on it - and your beautiful words woven together with such lovely images from everyday life in the thick of motherhood and womanhood and all that jazz. Such beauty. So glad I found your series and excited to keep reading! *Bri* www.sheiswoven.com