Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 30: What's In A Name

Somewhere along the way the oldest two have given each swing a name.
Normal Tormal:  It's "normal."

Bluer Moo-er:  This swing is an original.  M wasn't swayed by the new "fancy" swings we bought to replace the old ones.  Her two-year-old self insisted on keeping the blue one.  (Moo-er?  It rhymes.)

Sticky Bicky Spider Cider:  The chains are sticky.  The spider part--there was once a web on that swing.

Higher Tire:  It's the highest one.

These names--they're too much (but they beg to be remembered).  They start on the wooden bars on the sides and climb from swing to swing calling out each name as they go.  Each one of them means something.

Their names, too, mean something.  It's amazing to me how much the meanings of their names (chosen before we knew anything about them) match their personalities.  

During this 31 Day Challenge--in trying to find the beauty in the ordinary moments of our days--I've been thinking how the name of this blog reflects that practice.

I started writing this blog as a place to keep track of our adoption process.  And with that to connect with other adoptive families and to keep our own families and friends up to date.  Now it's a space for me to creatively journal this season of life. 

Smudged.  The idea that something that has been created for perfection is slightly marred--not in a way that ruins it, but in a way that adds a touch of real (very human) uniqueness.  A one-of-a-kind work of art.

And that's where I am.  Knowing that I was created with a unique purpose and that I get to be a part of influencing a very small bit of this life in my very bumbling, messy way.  Wanting so much to be mindful of the blessings in the ordinary minutes of a day.  And so very thankful for the indescribable beauty of GRACE.

Part of the 31 Day Challenge.  (Just one more day!)
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 29: A Study in Contrasts

In the challenge of finding "art" all around me, I've been noticing the contrasts.

 (Oh, the footwear!)

Purple vs. Yellow.
Red vs. Green.
Violet vs. Chartreuse.
Blue vs. Pink.

Superheroes vs. My Little Ponies.
Crumbs vs. Spotless.
Hilarious vs. Serious.

Cream and sugar vs. Black (me).
Piles vs. Files (me).
Barefoot vs. Knee Socks (me;).
Mental Mathemetician vs. Still-Counts-on-Fingers (me...).
Even-keeled vs. Passionate (me?;).
In the right light, the contrasts bring out the beauty in each other.

(Superheroes at tea.)

Part of the 31 Day Challenge.
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Day 28: Animals as Art

I look like a geek at soccer practice shooting photos of vultures. (Because we kind-of have a thing for them.)  I totally find solace in plopping myself down along the woods watching the squirrels during afternoon rest time.  (It's very quiet. ;)  And I most definitely scream when I pick up toads that pee on my hand while I'm running to show the kids.

Yet, I am hopelessly enamored by the creatures in our "backyard." :)

A few of our Fall Friends:
(It sticks out those yellow "spikes" [osmeterium] as a smelly defense.)

(We didn't touch it.  Some people might experience an allergic reaction to the hairs on this caterpillar.)

(Eating acorns--who knew?  M apparently.  Wild Kratts stikes again.)

Wild Turkeys

(These are the guys that, much to J's dismay, are tearing up our yard to get to the grubs.)

(There were about 50 of them.)

Canadian Geese

(We love them, too.)

Part of the 31 Day Challenge.  (It's almost over!)
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 27: Partying

It's been a full week of partying.

First with Nana and Pop.

Then with friends.

And more friends.

Then with just us.
(At The Cheesecake Factory today.)

Thank you to all of our family and friends for celebrating with us--we love you! :)

Part of the 31 Day Challenge.
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Day 26: And Just Like That--She's Eight

Yesterday she turned 8.

I remember all of those early days, of trying to store up the memories of her littleness.

How great it was during that first year to hold and stare at this little mush
 (With the craziest baby hair/mohawk/permanent ponytail.)
during one of her naptimes every day.  (Sometimes I joined in.)

And while I LOVE looking back--I really can't wait to see what eight holds.

Love you, M!  Happy Birthday!

Part of the 31 Day Challenge.
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Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 25: Snippets of the Week (Five on Friday)

A few snippets from our week...

1.  T's class went on a nature field trip this week.  A nice, long hike, a gigantic spider that Beza kept walking under (Yikes!), and T's most excellent at-one-with-the-earthworms worm impression during charades. 

2.  We rescued Daddy after work one night--right across from the gas station. ;)

3.  After a birthday playdate we rushed off for flu shots.  God blessed us with some weird kids.  The crew in front of us screamed and screamed.  I crossed my fingers hoping it wouldn't psych my gang out.  When it was our turn the nurse asked who wanted to go first.  They all raised their hands.  Not one tear or even squirm.  (If only their fearlessness were contagious--I'm not half that brave when it's my turn.)

4.  It's leaf maze time!

5.  And tonight this is their latest invention.  Chair swings. 

We are excited for the fun weekend ahead celebrating our soon-to-be 8-year-old.  (I need to go wrap the presents!)

Part of the 31 Day Challenge.
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