Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend Away

The small crew and I hit the road after school on Friday for a quick trip to my parents.  (J stayed behind to coach soccer and to stain the deck. :)

My dad's grapes are just starting to get ready and all of my sisters were coming.

We had farm time.
Corn field "mazes," corn kernel piles, egg-collecting, new puppies, dusty cobwebs, fresh potatoes (turned into mouth-watering french fries), and covered in almost every kind of dirt from head to toe.

And these two--I usually can't tell them apart in pictures (and sometimes not in person if they are in the distance).  (Grandpa is wearing blue.)

Cousin time--Love these little guys.

And then an airshow.
We literally parked right between the hot-air balloon trucks.  We could have touched the baskets.  
Aunt Bubsy's fan club.
(The last two pictures are courtesy of our cousin Alex.  It was fun to hang out with her for a bit. :)

Then, after a crazy air show and night skydivers wearing glowsticks,
As we left, the balloons put on a light show.  So cool.

The next day, we drove away to our very own oompa loompa dance farewell as only my people can do. :)

Thanks for having us--for all of the food (more chocolate cereals than I ever knew existed), laughs and late-night talks.  Love you guys!

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