Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer Days (A Beach Goodbye)

We embraced the end of summer by spending last week in Ocean City, NJ.

We were in awe of this view right outside our window.

Most mornings were greeted with a beach walk.

And evenings, too.

Just one cloudy afternoon.  (Bez thinks all of the airplane banners say, "Welcome to Ocean City!")

A day perfect for playing sand jumping games.

There were lots of chances to swallow my mostly irrational ocean-creatures-I-can't-see-just-waiting-to-eat-me fears because She's-Seven-For-Just-Two-More-Months wanted to ride the waves with me.

But there was that one day when I landed firmly with both feet on something that felt eerily like this.  (With the slashes to prove it.)

We had a few days with special friends before Nana, Pop and (Great)Grammy joined us.

Friends on the boardwalk.

And who introduced us to the Rainbow Loom.
(The homemade version.)

The week had plenty of sand castles.

And ball time.

Treasure hunting.

 Wannabe surfing.

Gull feeding.  
(They LOVE seagulls "because you can get close to them--not like the birds at our house that fly away when you try to get by them.")

Photo ops.

Donut shops.

Seashell stores.

Bug loving.

Freestyle surfing.

Kite flying.

Just before T took his turn and "either forgot that I had to hold on or what I was doing" and it flew footloose and fancy free forever right over our (2nd floor) house.

And after 6 glorious days it was our last night.

Which called for funnel cakes

and ice cream for dinner.

And nostalgic feelings of a week that went too fast.

(Just like them and their growing.)

One last sunset on the Ferris Wheel.

So very thankful for a week away soaking in every minute of this salty, sandy masterpiece.

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