Saturday, September 28, 2013

Five for the Week

1.  We started the week with a field trip to the apple orchard.  The picture of T and Hannah--that's the one where she said, "If we get eaten by a monster, I want to be in the same tummy with you."  True friendship. ;)

2.  After the trip to the orchard we made applesauce (of course).  Round one was a huge success with everyone (that never happens.).  Sadly, round two turned the ENTIRE pan thick, dark black.  It smelled horrible.  J, always up for a good challenge, googled some concoctions for fixing the pan.  But these few spots are still hanging on for dear life.  It's like a pan-tattoo.  We can always remember the applesauce.

3.  The moms from T's class rock.  We've been hanging out at the park after school.  LOVE that.

4.  This pile and a few more like it have been staring me in the face all week.  I switched out all of the summer clothes for cooler-weather clothes but now I need to put all of these away in basement bins.  Some day.

5.  Soccer is back.  J is coaching both teams--he's a good guy. :)

Have a great weekend!

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