Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days of LIFE AS ART

Life is messy.  Sometimes really messy.  And complicated.  During this 31 Day Challenge (hosted by The Nester) I want to purposefully pause to notice the beauty in the midst of the mess.

Art molds mistakes into masterpieces, changes perspectives, highlights hidden treasures and captures moments. 

And so through photographs, conversations, the funny stuff and the messy stuff, I want to tuck away these pieces of life with gratitude for the story they paint.

In the words of Beza every time we pull up to the library stop sign, "Hold on to your hats!" for 31 straight days of blogging. :)

(You can come back here for a complete list of all of the posts as they're written.)

Day 1: Let's Start With Today 
Day 2: Nature Makes It Easy
Day 3: Capturing the Songs 
Day 4: Savoring the Highlights 
 Day 5: Learning to Make Music
Day 6: Funnies--Ways With Words
Day 7: Beauty in the Storm
Day 8: Filling in the White Space
Day 9: The Funny Thing About Zippers (And Lack Thereof)  
Day 10: When It Isn't So Pretty 
Day 11: Snapshots from the Week 
Day 12: One For Everybody You Know 
Day 13: Funnies--Come in Peace
Day 14: Shadow Play
Day 15: When I Open My Drawer
Day 16: Fall Yumminess 
Day 17: Sunporch Stew (And Other Outside Delicacies) 
Day 18: This Week's Captured Moments (Five on Friday) 
Day 19: This Face 
Day 20: Funnies--Heart Talk 
Day 21: Painting the Sky (#unfiltered)  
Day 22: Life as Art (A Literal Lesson)
Day 23: Celebrating (A Sweet Deal)
Day 24: A Work in Progress 
Day 25: Snippets of the Week (Five on Friday) 
Day 26: And Just Like That--She's Eight
Day 27: Partying
Day 28: Animals as Art
Day 29: A Study in Contrasts  
Day 30: What's In A Name?
Day 31: The End :)

Thanks for reading along!

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