Monday, August 05, 2013

What I Learned in July

Just a few things...

1.  When you're out on the water, it is a legitimate concern to be worried about being under a flying goose.  Seriously scary stuff.  And gross.

2.  The optical illusion created by this mirror is straight up hilarious.

3.  If your most favorite vacuum ever breaks, the best time for that to happen is the day before a vacation so that your new one arrives at your house just as you're returning.  We didn't even miss a beat.  (Good-bye purple vacuum.)

4.  Bags of rocks are heavy.  (So are the bins they are stored in.)  And why rocks for a treasure hunt?  Because I read THIS about sand and the only sand I could find had the same unfortunate warning label.  
(Also, cleaning up spilled rocks from cracks in the deck is really, really not fun.  (Though it's definitely not as hard as cleaning up RICE.))

5.  The Pink Doll.  She's back.  Bubsy planted her in our glove box at the cabin.  Bah!  
Lesson--never leave the van unlocked when Pink-Doll mischief is afoot.
I wonder where she'll turn up next? ;)

And that is just a bit of what I've learned in July.

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