Thursday, September 05, 2013

What I Learned In August

10 Things I've Learned In August 
(In no particular order.)

1.  I totally made it through the summer with "natural" deodorant.  (Who knew?;)  My favorite--Lavanila Vanilla-Blackberry.  Runner-up--Tom's of Maine's Apricot.  (Full disclosure--On the hottest days of our vacation I used my old standby--Clinical Strength Secret--just in case.)

2.  I seriously can not keep up with M's reading when she's on a roll.  I've been trying to read Outliers for weeks, but I continually have a growing stack of 4-5 A-Z Mysteries waiting for me upstairs.

3.  I've made it a whole 35 years without seeing one of these in real-life.

4.  Having nearly 70 items checked out of the library is SCARY business.  Do you know what the fines would be if I missed the due date by just one day?  7 smackaroos.  A day.  That is nothing to mess around with there.  (Also, returning that many books requires 3 bags and a stroller to help with the weight.)  Given my track record, I don't plan on doing that again anytime soon.

5.  This new coffee drink from Starbucks in the grocery store is quite delicious.

6.  I caved and I'm giving "skinny" jeans a try.  (Yikes!)

7.  This whole summer has been a time to re-stock and refresh my parenting toolbox.  The small years are sometimes harder than I remember and the older years always bring something new.  I'm totally thankful for grace (like this). (And posts like this.)

8.  This guy is alright.  He was gone for few days, but he's been back for almost a week.  I like knowing he's hanging out on the deck.  (I also like knowing where he is so there are no sneak attacks.)
*Blog appears as though he sent postcards to a few of his best buds letting them know about Casa-de-Miller and there are presently 5 of them hanging around.  Yeah...that's maybe just a bit too many for anyone's comfort.

9.  Three's a charm with moving this outdoor fireplace?  First poison ivy, now the second place has turned into a hotspot for ground hornets and yellow jackets.

10.  She's going to school!  
She was on the waiting list and I just found out on Wednesday that she'll be able to go two days a week.  Excited for her.      

 And that's just a bit of what I learned in August. :)

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