Thursday, August 08, 2013

Umm....Let's Try This Again (A Garden)

The peas have been done for some time now.  And besides a few scraggly tomatoes and even scragglier pepper plants the gardens have been looking pretty sad.

My dream: That these little people who I try to get to eat healthy foods would know (and fall in love with) the whole process of growing and harvesting their own food.   And along the way that they would expand their palates a bit more.

Reality:  Apparently, we have brown thumbs.

BUT, there is always the hope of a Fall Garden. :)

So, last week we gave it another go.  We planted peas and beans and then used up some seeds we had just hanging around--turnips, chives and cilantro.  

AND--they're all growing!  ALL of them!  

To make the gardens a little more personal we made garden flags.

M's with wishes for the garden...

Or in T's case, he heard the "to also scare away garden pests" and ran with that...
1.  Monsters with yellow fire.
2.  Hearts and monsters.
3.  A sunflower and red flower with a hovering claw hand.
4.  A volcano.  (Scary stuff, man.)

Fingers crossed for a bountiful fall harvest. :)

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