Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Other Half of Cabin Week

During "Cabin Week" we also got to spend some fun times with my family.

We took every opportunity (3 bountiful harvests) to make sure we were around for berry-picking. 
I think the small peeps ate their weight in berry goodness.
Even Beza (with RJ--he's turning 2 soon.  "I love that little boy," she kept saying.)
Swinging with Grandpa.
The sisters.  (LOVE hanging out with them.)
So, Bubsy (as we like to call her) and I have lately been showing up at places with (very) similar hairstyles.  (We both follow The Small Things Blog.)  I often do double-takes myself in pictures.
Bubsy met up with us on Friday for our annual antiquing morning and afternoon on the creek.
(The 3-legged chair.)
We also joined Aunt Jo and her friends for their weekly bowling afternoon.
I love the shoes.

Such a fun summer vacation week. :)

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