Sunday, August 11, 2013

Funnies: Laugh or Cry

A few things this past week that might have made me want to cry--but I laughed instead... :)

Ant Love
This boy--he loves ants.  We have ants.  Tiny ants all over the kitchen floor.  He rescued a few from the ominous vacuum--by taking them up to his room.  With a huge pile of crumbs.  A pile that he replenished throughout the day.  The ants are no where to be seen--but probably off producing more ants--what with the abundant supply of food nearby and all.
Showing us how bees move their feet.  10/2012

Tales from the Grocery Store
And these two.  Best of friends or worst of enemies.  On Thursday T chased her down the grocery store aisle with a toilet brush.  A toilet brush.  

Twice as Clean
On Friday it rained so hard that our backyard actually flooded for a bit.  So we ran out in the pouring rain to splash through it.  (Bath Number 1.)

That night J let them go bike-riding.  (Bath Number 2.)

The Secret of the Smile
Dude is not a fan of getting his picture taken.  He especially is not fond of smiling for the camera.  

Case in point.

Then I remembered the power of pottytalk.

This smile is brought to you by a whispered, "Hey!  Poopy-longstocking."  (Courtesy of Judy Moody and Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt.)

(Of course, then to prevent the endless repeating of said word I had to teach the 3-year-old that only mommies can say "Poopy-longstocking."  Always on our toes around here. :)

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