Sunday, August 25, 2013

Five (or so) for the Week: Squeezing in the Summer Fun

We had a full week of summer fun:

0:  Monday--grocery shopping (ultra fun. ;).

1.  Tuesday: A meet-up at the park with friends we won't see for a few weeks.  And then later a baseball birthday party at the park for M&T.

2.  Wednesday: The county fair. (A favorite--watching these two ride a few rides together and whoop at the fun of it.)

3.  Thursday: Swimming at a new friend's house.  They had a blast using their lake skills in a pool--"jumping into 8 feet deep!" :)  So much fun! :)

4.  Friday night baseball with friends and fireworks.

5.  Saturday morning breakfast out.

6.  Climbing the front yard trees.

7.  Saturday neighborhood birthday party.

Just two more weeks of "summer!"

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