Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Soft Spot for My Arch-Enemy


Arch-enemy is perhaps a bit overly dramatic.  But, seriously, we have a long and sordid history--I have had one inside the elbow of a sweatshirt fresh out of the laundry (discovered minutes later while sitting down to watch TV), crawling across my pillow (in our house, in our bed) just as I was about to lay down my head, a giant black one crawling up my neck in the bathroom and another one floating across the surface of a freshly drawn bath.  (A few weeks ago, at my parents, I even came within a hair of taking off my shirt in front of everyone when I thought one was on me.  Close call.)

Spiders CREEP. ME. OUT.

Basic spider philosophy--Things will not go well for you if you are in our house.  (This applies to mice and ticks as well.)  (Daddy-long legs are the exception.)

BUT, outside (far away from me) is another story.  I do admire a good web.  And so it is that we have been stalking a giant spider building a huge orb web on our deck.

J spied him a few nights ago as it was finishing up its work.
 The spider (a spotted orb weaver?) is probably 1.5-2 inches long.  The web about 2-3 feet in diameter.
 Spider top:
Spider belly (shivers!):

The next night J spotted him just before he started.  And while Beza slept, the rest of us gathered around for a two-hour show (From 8-10).  (No joke.)
It built it right across the deck stairs.  (It's now common practice to do a web sweep before we go outside.  That thing would totally catch a kid.)

Crazy amazing.  

Of course, then we watched him catch a few bugs and eat them.  C.R.E.E.P.Y.  And, yet, fascinating all at once.

(T-man totally fell asleep on the kitchen floor.)

Tonight, while eating dinner on the deck, we discovered a smaller one building a web attached to M's chair and the deck side. 

 No one even squirmed.  

We definitely have a love/hate relationship with our arachnid friends. :)

(Worth noting: If the web is still there in the morning, M likes to release the "anchor" lines one at a time and then roll the whole web up into a little ball of silk.  Also, no joke.)

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