Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Trip: Last Day (And Why We Do It)

We left Washington D.C. on Friday in the late afternoon, stopped at Cheesecake Factory for an early dinner and made the easy drive to Philadelphia.

After hitting the pavement for some ice cream we all settled down for our last night on the road.

In the morning we headed to our final destination, Ocean City, NJ.
They played hard.  The water was a shocking 55 degrees!  (It froze my toes.)  But we couldn't keep them out of it.  (Or the sand.)
And then, finally, on our way home.

It really was a great trip--we squeezed so much into a week.  We're so thankful for all of the people and places we got to see.  Oh, there were  plenty of backseat shenanigans, too-tired kids who required massive pep talks to keep them going, a crazy amount of ice-cream and french fries, just barely enough clothes packed in the suitcases, and an overflowing (kind-of trashed) van.

But snuggled into beds late after the fireworks this conversation happened:

M:  Daddy, thanks for letting us have all of those sweets today--the frappuccino, ice cream cone, lemon ice and rootbeer.
T:  Yeah.
M:  And, thanks for taking us on this trip.
T:  Yeah, thanks for taking us on this trip.
Daddy:  You're welcome.
M:  Daddy?  Sometimes you're making memories and you don't even know it--stuff you'll remember your whole life.  ...Like going to Ocean City last year.
Daddy:  ....Yeah, you're right...
M:  I love you, Daddy.
T:  I love you, Daddy.
Daddy:  ...I love you guys, too.

Crazy thankful for the little people (and big ones) who fill our memories.

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