Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Trip: Days 4-6 (Washington D.C.)

Day 4 (Wednesday):
Arrive in Washington D.C.

The first thing we saw?  A Hawaiian license plate!  For the past couple of months M has been keeping a growing tally of all of the license plates we've spotted.  Serendipitously we spied one from Alaska at a rest stop in May.  We thought that was lucky.  But, Hawaii?  That had seemed next to impossible!  

Then, off to the Smithsonian National Zoo.
(It was very hot.)

Later, out to dinner down the street from our hotel.

Day 5 (Thursday)
The Fourth of July

We were up bright and early for a tour of the Capitol Building (just a few blocks from our hotel).
Her "cell phone" for listening to the tour.

Then, after a brief tour of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, we headed to the Independence Day Parade.
(Sitting in front of the Budweiser horses at the very start of the parade.)
(These dancers were our favorite--I don't know how they did it in the heat.)

After the parade, we stopped by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
(The Hope Diamond.)

We also toured the National Aquarium before stopping for two Venti Decaf Java Chip Frappuccinos split 5 ways.  (Our calves were really feeling the burn from all of that walking. :)

Back to the hotel for pizza in the room and then back out to the Capitol Building again to wade through the throngs of people in the security lines for the concert and fireworks.
(Clapping with Barry Manilow.)
(How we made it back to the hotel all together after the big show--double-decker stroller.)

Day 6 (Friday):
Our Last Day in Washington D.C.

The day started with a cab ride to the National Gallery of Art.
(Working on keeping his hands in his pockets--he thought the museum was stressful--it was too hard not to reach out and touch the paintings.)
(The kids are still trying to get their feet like Renoir's Dancer.)

Then we had another brisk walk through the mall to a tour of the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing (where they make paper money),
 before packing up our van to head to our last overnight destination--Philadelphia.

(To be continued...)

(Also, the small crew loved Washington D.C.  But do you know what one of their most favorite things was?  Feeding the birds part of their breakfast while eating outside every morning. :)

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  1. So glad yal had a good time here!!! It's the best ;) Looks like yall hit a lot of our favorite spots!!!