Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Trip: Days 1&2 (PA Home)

Last Sunday we started out on a 19-hour van trip from here to Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Ocean City, NJ and finally home.

Day 1:
Load up the van and head to our parents.

First stop--GrammyKathy and Grandpa's.  For wild raspberries by the handful, goats who eat crackers,
the first of many Italian ices,
and a watering can collection,
used for all of their flowers.

Then--Off to Nana and Pop's for car rides,
homemade potpie, and cozy beds.

Day 2:
Up early and off to Penn's Cave, 
Baby's for lunch at Penn State (listening to Yellow Submarine),
visiting our newest cousin for dinner,
(We had pizza--not him. ;)
And then off to our final destination of the day--Pittsburgh.
(To be continued...)

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