Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Trip: Day 3 (Pittsburgh)

On Monday night we pulled into Pittsburgh just in time for the small crew to be tucked into bed at J's sister's house. 

Day 3 (Tuesday):
(Or "Spittsburgh" as M used to call it.)

We spent an awesome morning at the National Aviary.
 The kids got to do this:
And then M got to do this:
Which led to this:
Later, they got to feed the lories.
Which led to this:
(Earning her a special pin to always remember the moment.)

We LOVED the aviary.

In the afternoon we rested,
Snuggled the nephew,
Played with sticks.
And garden fairies.

Before heading to the park.

And after a delicious dinner (and doing a bit of laundry) we cozied up for one more night before heading to Washington D.C. in the morning.

(To be continued...)

(J&M, we loved seeing you.  Thanks so much for sharing your space with us--it was like being at a Bed & Breakfast. :)

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  1. That aviary looks awesome. Did you do that hair style to yourself? It's beautiful!