Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Funnies: Nana?

(Penn's Cave on our 13th Anniversary.)

So we're on this long car trip listening to Peter Pan.  Neither J or I are particularly familiar with the story--maybe we've seen parts of the Disney movie?

The reader has a bit of an accent so it's a little hard for the backseat crew to understand it all.  We are doing a lot of explaining.

And the real deal?  It's slightly rougher than we expected--if we had our druthers we'd edit a few word choices.

We're enough of the way into the story to have a pretty good feel for the main characters.  This Mr. Darling fellow doesn't seem all that warm and fuzzy.  And he keeps calling the nurse/nanny a "dog."  Definitely not very nice.

"Mommy, why does he keep calling Nana a dog?"

"Umm...He's not a very happy person.  He doesn't like Nana.  That is not a nice word to call a person."  ("Don't ever call a person a dog.")

Then we're at the part of the story where Mr. Darling wants to play a mean trick on Nana the nanny--he decides that he's going to pour his yucky medicine into her bowl so that she'll drink it thinking it's milk.  Into her bowl?  That's a bit unusual.

"Daddy, why is Nana drinking out of a bowl?"

"Ummm...I guess because she doesn't have a lot of money and her bowl works just fine for drinking?"

This is the part where our brains almost explode.

Nana comes "wagging her tail" (clearly a literary device playing off of Mr. Darling's endearing word for poor Nana) to drink the milk.  When she discovers it's a trick she retreats to her kennel.  Her kennel?  Aren't they taking this whole dog thing just a bit too far?


What if Nana really is a dog?

Could a nurse be a dog?

I google it.  Nana is...A DOG?!

Woah.  Hmmm...now that we think of it this explains so much (or then, again, not so much--a dog as a nurse?).  It did say that Nana carried the umbrella in her teeth--we just thought she was a bit eccentric.  And she did growl when she saw Peter Pan (we thought gasping or yelling might make more sense, but conceivably a person could growl.).  Oh, and they did say that she caught Peter Pan's shadow with her teeth, too--we just thought she had a particularly useful mouth.   And I guess Mr. Darling wasn't being mean when he called her a "dog,"--he was just stating the obvious!

Then we laughed.  A lot.  Two completely clueless grown-ups totally duped by Nana the dog nanny.

You just never know what you'll learn in a day. ;)

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