Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cabin Week (PhotoBlog)

Last week was Cabin Week--a week at J's family cabin near where we both grew up.

Rock art (after the rain).
The "drive" to the creek.
Learning to kyack.
(Where Bald Eagles soar.)
Superheroes play.
Found across the creek at the bottom days later.
Rainbow web.
At the cabin.
Catching fireflies.
A day-trip to the start of the creek.
Lost (happily?) forever there in the water.  
Daily spot.
The people we love.

Tomorrow--the other half. :)

(Because I want to remember:  We all painted our nails "cabin" green/blue.  Then M added words.  "Cabin" and "Creek" on her toes and "Love" and "M" on her fingers.  Love her.)

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  1. Wow!!! Those are such beautiful pictures! Makes me want to spend a week there! :) Love the cheese balls...I have some of those in our pantry right now! Carson wanted to have them at his birthday party last weekend! :)