Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Airing Our Laundry

An old bag of clothes sitting in our garage for forever (actually, more like since January--but that was a long time ago) + a few projects to tackle = some creative recycling. ;)

Project 1:
Curtains for the treehouse.
It totally looks like our laundry hanging out there. ;)
But it accomplishes my goal--to make a cozy little room to breathe some life into the oft overlooked treehouse.
(I'm not quite done with my treehouse shirt fun--I have some fun bunting coming soon! ;)

Project 2:
Blue Pillows

Shirt on one side:
(The buttons work great as pillow cover closures--who knew?)

Plain pillow on the other:

Project 3:
T-shirt Dress

Because M begged me to let her sew and because I had just read this in Family Fun and because we had on old t-shirt handy we created this little ensemble:
Headband, dress, belt and purse all from one old Daddy t-shirt. 

It's the old bag of clothes that just keeps giving. :)

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