Friday, June 28, 2013

What I Learned in June

10 Random Things I've Learned in June

1.  My friend, Lize, taught me that painting (with watered down paint) in the white spaces of the background of the little people's masterpieces makes their work pop and creates a more "finished" look. 

The Before and After:
More Afters:
2.  I think I might have a new addiction--wall vignettes. 

The latest one is in the kitchen--it has a fun painting that was a gift to J in Albania last summer, Amazing Grace, a little summery painting I did yesterday and an old sign I made ages (10 years) ago. (I also learned how to create hangers on the back of my scrap-wood art.)
3.  So, we were doing all that painting yesterday because we had to finish listening to The Story of The World: Ancient Times because it was due (no renewals) at the library that day and we still had 2 CD's to go.  We totally LOVED listening to that book--except for yesterday's crunch time, it was our in-van entertainment.  (I highly recommend it if you have a hankering for brushing up on your knowledge of ancient history.)

4.  Speaking of the library--I am also a bit in love with the interlibrary loan/book requesting services.  (I'm not sure that the library is quite as fond of my love.)  I find all of this awesome stuff I want to buy on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble or on Audible and then I just request it from the library.  (J is also a fan of this for many reasons.) ;)

The latest loot for an upcoming road trip.
5.  Some of my recent library books have included tree guides to go along with the whole Botany thing.  A few weeks ago I thought it would be fun to identify the trees in our front yard. 

I also thought that it would be super easy. 

I kid you not, I ended up spending at least 3 hours trying to identify those puppies.  (There are only 2 trees.)  I now consider myself an almost-expert on their bark, leaves, flowers and fruits (I had no idea they had berries on them). 

In the end, I'm pretty sure we have a Japanese Zelkova and Canada Red Chokecherry.
(Who knew?)
6.  I've been listening to Daniel Crawford's Home. album from Noisetrade on repeat.   Also, Fever Fever's (Native Color) Clouds Catch Fire.

7.  Apparently bunting means it's time to celebrate to Beza.  To me it's thrifty decorating. :)  She calls her room the "Party Place."
8.  A giant red circle on the back or your knee will land you with a very expensive antibiotic (a month's supply) for Lyme's Disease.

9.  Reading Pippi Longstocking taught my kids to be thing-finders.  In particular in stores.  And while I completely love the idea of looking for treasures wherever you are, the 100th "Can I keep this little piece of broken hanger?" almost makes me want to ban ALL thing-finding.  

Also, such habits necessitate rules like, "You can't keep anything that could be sold--like an earring."  and "Don't pick up anything sharp."  and "Do NOT TOUCH any stickers that have been inside a bathing suit!"  (Oh, man.)

10.  A little girl playing school bus on the steps makes me nostalgic.
 (M was just 2 and apparently sporting a mullet.  Beza just turned 3. :)
And that's just a little of what I've learned in June. :)

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  1. You brought back wonderful memories for me of my oldest kids (now 20 and 15) who went through a long stage of being Thing Finders after reading Pippi over and over again. So sweet!