Saturday, June 29, 2013


 Sometimes T (5) comes to me with a piece of paper with some letters on it and he asks me if they spell a particular word.  The other day he came to me for "boom,"  "warm" and "pastor."  (Usually he's just one letter off.)  And then he came with a big one, "How do you spell 'weather station dot com?'"  What's that?

"It's just what we call it when we do the weather.  I'm 'Pastor' and M is 'Genius.'"  (Of course.)

For the past week it's been crazy humid with heavy showers most afternoons.  During a particularly ferocious storm the small crew broke out their microphones and went all weather channel.  They made graphs and charts and warned their audience to "Stay indoors.  No convertibles.  Don't even try to go out with an umbrella.  Stay off the roads in case ambulances need to go out."  Things seemed pretty dicey.  

And just like that, it all cleared up.

Until the next day.  When we were at the mall.  It was the most thunderous rain I have ever heard.  Prompting T to take his show on the road (quietly).  It was like having my very own radio. Or, you know, at my side.  :)

Also--this conversation while watching tv in a restaurant:  
T:  Hey, that's funny that our neighbor is named after a sport.  Tennis.

Our neighbor's name is "Dennis."

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