Sunday, June 16, 2013

Funnies: A Letter on Saturday?

This week M got a letter in the mail from GrammyKathy and Grandpa. 

Unlike me, M is very good at writing letters.  All of her grandparents smartly have her well stocked with stamps, paper, envelopes and address labels.  When the mood strikes she writes letters and puts them in the mailbox.  (She used to tuck in old markers as gifts until the post office kindly asked her to stop doing so as the markers were jamming up their sorting machines.)

Anyway, both my mom and dad wrote notes that implied that M had written some sort of amazing missive.  My dad wrote something about being impressed that she wrote the whole thing herself.  Curious, I called my mom to find out more.

The note:

Dear GrammyKathy and Grandpa,
Did you get this ledr on Saterday?
Love, M

Hahaha--It's brilliant.  It lets them know she's thinking about them (after all she went to all the trouble of actually mailing a note) without having to say too much and since she asked a question the ball is in their court to write back.  (Which they did--ball to her. :)

Incidentally, they got the ledr (letter) on Monday.

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