Thursday, June 20, 2013

Five on Friday

1.  Time to hang up the soccer cleats for the summer.  (Whoo-hoo! :)  (M's team was very excited to end the season by winning their championship game on Saturday.)

2.  The sugar snap peas (CSA) disappeared almost as soon as they appeared.

3.  Little Buddy has been down and out with strep throat for the past few days.  Besides a fever his symptoms have been pretty vague with conversations like this:

Me: Does anything hurt?
T:  "No.  Well, maybe my lungs hurt just a little bit."
Me:  Your lungs?!  Show me where!
T:  "You know, in the back of my mouth."
Me:  Dude, that's your throat.

T: (Tonight) "It doesn't hurt that much.  It just feels like guilty.  Well, at least what I think guilty feels like."
Me:  Interesting...

4.  We saw our first up-close cicadas today at the park.  Fun to visit, thankful to leave them behind.

5.  And someone we know and love is awfully excited that she has a birthday (the party portion, in particular) in just 2 days.   (She's been thanking me all afternoon for her "party" at the spray park today--aka a meetup with friends that involved donuts. :)

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