Friday, June 14, 2013

Five on Friday: Grow(ing)

The peas actually grew and have been producing a bumper crop (well, at least a bumper crop by our standards--which are very low. ;)

Between raindrops they sneak out to grab fresh bites.

We have been making some great progress in the eat-more-than-bread-rice-and-pasta campaign.  Clementines are her current favorite fruit.  And while she doesn't like these fruits "plain" she loves watermelon-blueberry and strawberry smoothies.  That's a second helping of banana-pineapple smoothie with kale and spinach!

And look at that!  She put a little ant on her arm (just like M and T love to do.).  We're definitely making some headway in making bugs fascinating instead of scream-inducing.

Who doesn't love a good tooth update? ;)  (Seriously, this stuff is not for the faint of heart.) With the help of Emily, again, she lost her first top tooth.  I have a feeling all of her tooth business (and a booming business it is) will end just in time for T to start.  Yay. ;)

Have a great weekend celebrating our Dads!

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  1. I think little ones look the cutest with a missing tooth. Adorable!