Sunday, June 02, 2013

A Week at "Camp" (Photo-Blog)

We spent last week at a camp/retreat WAA-AAYYY up in the Adirondacks with about 200 InterVarsity college students.

Our Quarters:

Achieving one of their greatest childhood dreams--sleeping in the top bunk.  Sadly, M realized that a bunk bed just would not work in our house because Billy-the-Cat wouldn't be able to crawl into bed with her (unless Daddy added steps). 

The Dining:
 Off to breakfast.
They served up some seriously delicious meals.  Awesome treat to have a whole week without any cooking (Except for the occasional PB&J--but then, that's not actual cooking, technically.;).

The Grounds:
 The pollen.

The Beach:
Making friends with bugs.  (It's a journey...)

The Swimmers:
Day 1 at the beach--in warm jackets.  They went in almost up to their waists.  (Bez totally fell down and I joined their wet-shoes and jeans party in the rescue.)
Day 2 at the beach--we didn't bring bathing suits--the temperatures were only supposed to be in the 50's.  It made it to the 70's on beach days. (In kid-world, water temperature doesn't matter when you've been waiting nearly a year to get back to "swimming.")

Ending the Week at Whiteface:
On Memorial Day weekend Whiteface got dumped with 3 feet of snow! (I had to dig our winter coats out of storage to bring along.)
Winding road to the top.
Cave/tunnel to the elevator.
 To the top.
The parking lot--27 stories down.
Touching the sky.
 An amazing view--an experience only tarnished by the swarms (SWARMS) of black flies--see at least two of them on M's sweater?  Those nasty flies covered our clothes and filled our van.  And bit our kids.  M's head seemed to be a particular treat. :(

A Few Things:
1.  The peeps had a great week.  M made some great little girl friends.
2.  T made some college buddies complete with secret handshakes. (Superhero talk=a good icebreaker.)
3.  Beza ate broccoli.  Twice.  And asked for second helpings.  (Seriously.)
4.  She also slept in a big girl bed for the first time.  (Awesomely.)
5.  AND she pretty much started potty-training herself.  (Yay for self-initiation.)
6.  My introverted self had a few moments of suffocation--but sunny days outside and a trip to the toy store for rainy-day activities helped.  Also--a stash of mint chocolate cookies.:)
7.  Laundry machines right outside our room were essential in the wear-your-clothes-and-shoes-in-the-sandy-water adventure.
8.  Loon wails are haunting.
9.  We would be happy if we never met another black fly.
10.  Trips are fun, but--Home is sweet.

P.S.  Speaking of home, we came back to 90 degree temperatures--so, our weekend looked a lot like this:

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