Friday, May 17, 2013

Top Five on Friday: The Long Weekend Away

Last week we were going somewhere and T looked out the window and said, "I wish we could go walk through those woods--it's so beautiful."  Oh, but the ticks--they're back.  I spent a good portion of my childhood playing in the woods--wouldn't it be great if ticks weren't a problem?  Then it occurred to me--I could take them there--where I used to play.  And what a perfect weekend--great weather (that turned into the most frigid May days in recent history) and lots of family visiting.  J had to coach soccer (and work), but we could skip soccer (and preschool) and stay for a few extra days just playing.  And so we did.

(A small 2' wide creek that comes out of the side of the mountain when it rains.  It was the first place we went when we got there.)

1.  Water right over the top of the boots.  He walked the whole way home with them filled.  We just go with it.

2.  The bridge (freshly built).

3.  Swinging.

4.  A bat cave.  (They love to fill their backpacks with a few favorites and the we find a spot to let their small adventures unfold.)


1.  The woodpile.

2.  The mossy trees.

3.  The backyard.

4.  The farm (every trip to "home" has an obligatory "Gator" ride through the woods and around the farm right next to our house where my dad grew up.)

(My Dad comes from a family of 12 children--7 boys and 5 girls.  That's a lot of people when you add in aunts, uncles, cousins and now--cousin's kids.)

1.  So fun to see my aunt and uncle visiting from Hawaii.

2.  A trip to the woodpile for the supplies to keep the fire going.  It's the middle of May.  There were snow flurries.  (Bah!)

3.  The slideshow.  Hilarious.  The outfits.  The scarf that they all seemed to wear at some point.  The hair.  The stories.  They never get old.


1.  Tree climbers.

2.  Wood carriers.

3.  House builder.

4.  Defender from enemy robot crows (of course).


1.  Aunt Debra--who has an avid fan base among the small crowd--and Grandpa who has an equal following.

2.  Aunt Joanna and her pirate teammate T. 

3.  Beza LOVES Aunt Joanna.

4.  GrammyKathy and Aunt Annie.

(Not pictured--Nana and Pop who came to visit on Mother's Day. :)  And Aunt MB BECAUSE--our newest nephew was born yesterday!!!  Can't WAIT to meet him!)

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