Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The True Story of Fairy Houses and Fireplaces

Inspired by THIS fairy house (from The Nesters post), we built our own version over the weekend.

Special feature--an indoor swing.

A lot of hot glue was involved. ;)

(And the true story?  At the end of the day, M put it in the garage (on the step in the garage to be exact) and J accidentally trampled it.  It's awaiting some repairs from the magical hot glue.)

And the true story of the outside fireplace?

Poison ivy.  Sprouting up all over in those woods.  (Bah!)  And vining itself right up the fireplace tree.  No good.

So, it got moved to a poison ivy free zone.  (With added counter space--just what every outdoor kitchen needs. ;)

Loving these beautiful May days.

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  1. That poison ivy looks vicious... but the fairy house is adorable!