Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Thing About Mice

There are all of these cute storybooks about these fuzzy little mice living happy little lives in human houses.  The kids have a favorite Christmas story about Mortimer the Mouse moving into a nativity.  They love Mortimer.  And then there's Beatrix Potter's Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca (Could there be a better name?) living in a dollhouse.  We also have books about mice living in a pantry.

Charming stories.

But, here's the thing--They fail to mention...
1.  The DROPPINGS (both #1 & #2).
2.  The diseases they harbor.  (Call-your-friends-to-talk-you-off-the-proverbial-cliff-because-it's-time-to-move-the-whole-family-out-of-the-house-while-it-surely-needs-to-be-fumigated-lest-we-all-die diseases.)  (Mostly kidding. ;)

This all occurred to me about a week ago when we found "evidence" of a mouse in the basement.  It seemed isolated and minor so we shrugged our shoulders and moved on.  Two days later I found more "evidence" all over the floor where the kids play.  Not cool.  I started to vacuum it up.

And then, "AHHHHHHH!!!!" To my utter shock it was right there in front of me!

He was cute.  Big eyes. Soft, fluffy fur.  He must be mostly harmless?

"Let's catch him with buckets!"  (Brilliant, right?)

He ran.  I tossed a bucket.  He flew into the air.  I screamed.  He ran between T's legs.  I kept screaming.  I had visions of him crawling up T's pant legs (too many childhood stories from the farm.).

Anyway, thus ensued an entire afternoon of trying to find the mouse while cleaning up the whole basement that had apparently become his personal water-closet.  (The rug under the toy kitchen was a particularly popular spot.)

Then, after a bit of google research, I didn't care how, but the mouse had to go--immediately!

Two days later we had caught a total of four mice.

The basement is now finally back in order complete with totally disinfected furniture, steam-mopped floors, a new rug, and no more pillows (we got rid of everything that was soft--I want to be able to put my head down in my own house without being afraid of mouse germs.)

And so, this is my PSA to any local mice:
You are cute.
But this is NOT a mouse house.
Staying away would be in your best interest.
Keep OUT.

(Please relay the last part of this message to your tick friends.)

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  1. Yes- mice and even bugs are cute and nice outside. But when they cross that line I think declaring war can be your only option!