Sunday, May 19, 2013

Funnies: The Grandfather Edition

The Sign
M has 4 VERY loose teeth--all in the front.  It's scary--VERY scary.  It's like teeth marionettes in there.  Creeps. Me. Out.  

Anyway, we've been trying to convince her to help the process along a little.  She's a bit reluctant.  But she's heard the rumor that Pop has a special method involving strings and doorknobs.  

This morning she posted this sign on her door.
Please do not pull my teeth out the Pop way while I am sleeping.  
Thank you.

The Shirt
When we paint the small crew outfits themselves in old clothes.  I found this shirt in the closet and put it on Beza--the newest painter in the house.  She looked down and said, "This is a Grandpa shirt."
(The fireworks shirt forever now known as "The Grandpa shirt.")

Because, in fact, it is.
(I think that he might be the only one who still wears it?)
 Christmas look-a-like shirts 2011.


  1. That sign is hilarious! I'm assuming you honored her wishes??? :)

  2. Oh that sign!!!!! And A has three teeth about to come out, he won't touch them either.