Sunday, April 28, 2013

Five For The Week

1. Deeply entrenched in Operation Please Eat Fruits and Vegetables/Let's Balance Out This Carb-Only Diet.  We're making some head-way.  (Whoo-hoo!)

2.  Best seat in the house (playground).  (That one's for you, Dad.)

3.  Forever known as "The-Slide-That-M-Got-A-Mouthful-Of-Sand-On" because when she went down this slide when she was three she got all twisted around and landed open-mouthed-first in the sand at the bottom.  Memorable.

4.  Spring Hat Parade Day.  (First version included a pink and orange wreath with pink butterflies.  At the last minute I had mercy on the little guy who spends his days with a houseful of girls and sewed on some twigs instead.)

5.  "Look!  I'm M!"  (Wearing M's shoes.) (That camera smile is just awesome. :)

(Thank you so much for all of the kind words in response to our previous post.  They mean a lot.)

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