Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Ditched TV

Actually, we just ditched the whole cable/satellite deal.  Not to worry, Beza still gets her almost daily fix of Elmo and Abby. :)  And thanks to the internet, Netflix and Amazon Prime we hardly miss a thing.

What We've Been Reading and Watching This Winter

Marie-Grace and Cecile (American Girls)
Abe Lincoln at Last! (Magic Tree House)

(Working on art while listening to Tales From the Odyssey.)

Audio Books
(from Audible.com and the library)
Tales From the Odyssey (Homer) by Mary Pope Osborne (Volumes 1-3)

(Watching The Electric Company.)

Fox & The Child (Highly recommend!)

And me?

I've been reading:

Random Read:
(Really, really good.  Seriously--where was I when I was learning this stuff in school?)

Which lead me to watch:
(I had no idea the CCC built most of the state parks I grew up going to.)

And yesterday I saw something about Irena Sendler on facebook.
 I was inspired by her story and wanted to know more so I watched:
(and then I just wanted to snuggle up with the little people in my life...)

On the lighter side:

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