Friday, March 29, 2013

High Five for Friday (Spring Break)

1.  I'm pretty sure that's the epitome of Spring Fever.  Over the weekend there was still snow on the ground and T wanted to go outside in his swimming gear.

2.  Spring Break started a little rough.  J and I have (still) nasty cough colds (as the small crowd calls them).  The text message shows my super compassionate side.  I might sometimes think it's funny when grown-ups get ear infections.

3.  There was no school this whole week.  We were also van-less until yesterday afternoon.  (A few weeks ago the van had an unfortunate meeting with a deer. :(  )  So...we have done a lot of crafting this week.  We felted these eggs.

4.  Another day we colored some eggs.

5.  And while J has the van today, we've been packed into the car like this.  M's expression pretty accurately captures how she feels about the close quarters.

BUT, we actually made it to the park today!
It was sunny and warm-ish and so very needed! :)

Wishing you a very Happy Easter Weekend!

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