Sunday, March 17, 2013

Funnies: The One Where the Leprechaun Snuck Up On Us

We are those parents--the ones who don't "do" the traditional Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy.  But we do talk about them as characters that celebrate something bigger and we definitely have fun celebrating all of the traditions of the holidays (characters and all).  

But we didn't see the leprechaun coming.  After a very lengthy bedtime conversation this week it became apparent that T thinks these green-wearing (human-sized--according to T) creatures are real and that they are out to do all kinds of mischief in our house.

He looked for evidence of their merry-making and when he didn't find enough he decided to join their ranks.

M: What I would like to know is--how did my shoe get in my shirt drawer?
T: T-the-Leprechaun did it! (Hugest smile.)

Me: Umm...who put a towel in the sink and then washed their hands on top of it?!
T: (Proudly) T-the-Leprechaun!
(That would also be the one where T-the-Leprechaun gets into a bit of trouble with the Mommy of the house. ;)  
(The toilet paper on the edge of the sink is another T trick.)

Bathmats in the tub, soap hidden in cupboards, chairs turned around backwards, freshly washed strawberries under the table, doors locked--T-the-Leprechaun has been very, very busy.

Despite all of the hijinks, T-the-Leprechaun is quite a charming character. ;)
(Who, thankfully, can now go into hiding for another year!)

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