Thursday, March 21, 2013

Five on Friday

1.  T-man has been busy growing his head this winter.  Time for a new bike helmet that doesn't smash his brain.

2.  I "lightly" straightened Beza's hair (with my flat iron) just to see how it would look.  Then, in a moment of braveness or sheer ignorance, I decided to even it all up and I cropped the bottom layer to give her a cute little bob.  (Concurrently making a single ponytail impossible for a bit.  As my mom always says, "No worries--hair grows!" :)

3.  M dressed T one day this week in this handsome ensemble.  

4.  I think the only reason he let her do that and ditched his usual super-hero T "uniform" is because J was away in Texas this week and he was trying to look like his favorite person in the whole wide world.  Also about J being away--he took a rental car to the airport.  This is noteworthy only because M has become completely obsessed with license plates and the rental was sporting a TN plate--it was an endless topic of conversation.  (J just came back bearing a TX license plate magnet for her--it couldn't be more perfect.)

5.  Just one more week of Hip Hop.  And then?  Soccer!

We also had a (our last?) snow storm on the last day of winter.  Great gobs of snowflakes.

I tried to capture it landing on the birds.

Of which we had many visitors that day.  (My favorite.)

And this pair is stunning.

As are these two.
(We're completely fascinated by the iridescent pink/yellow patch on its shoulders.)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. We too have a set of cardinals in our yard. It is a simple excitement in our house these days. Hoping that was the last of the snow - but those are great pics on the bird!!!