Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Turning 5

T turns five today.  Last night I asked him for my last 4-year-old hug and kiss. (*bittersweet sigh*)  Then, with tears in his eyes he looked at me and said, "Well...I'm a little bit sad about turning five."  Oh, yeah?  "Yeah.  What if when I'm five I don't like the same things I like now when I'm four?"  I'm pretty sure you'll still like the same things, Buddy.  "Hmm....yeah, I guess boys all kind of like the same things always."  Yep, pretty much. :)

This morning he looked seriously at his hands and said, "Well, I don't look any different.  I still look like when I was four."  (I so wonder what magical thing he thought would happen. ;)

He's out celebrating the day with his most favorite person--Daddy (who surprised him by coming home at lunch to spend the afternoon together.).  

Happy Birthday, T!  Love you!

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