Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It Started With The Chocolate Chips (Pantry Remix)

The chocolate chip bag kept falling over and mushing into the peanut butter.  
And the cracker boxes a few shelves up were constantly falling over (Wire shelves!--read like "Newman!").

So, I bought a few containers for the chocolate chips and crackers.
 But then before I knew it, the rubber mallet and I had taken out all of the wire shelves.

And started to paint.

A really, really crazy color--gray.  Warm, cozy sweatshirt gray.  (It's so dramatic, isn't it? ;)

And apparently, nothing will bring out the imagination quite like a table covered in sundries (or an empty pantry closet). 
 M has her little dolls traipsing through the canned goods table-scape.

The baskets were re-lined with fresh cardboard to add a nice flat surface for stacking cans and boxes.  And, yes, the obligatory organized-pantry labels were added. ;)

But most importantly, I rearranged the items on the shelves to make more sense for little hands.
(And never needed the containers I had originally bought to fix the chocolate chip bag problem.)
The Details:
  • The cereals and crackers moved down to a kid-friendly level (eliminating the need for THIS.). 
  • The plastic bags also found a more user-friendly home (from the top corner, to right beside the snacks).  (I need to stand on my tip-toes to reach the top shelf.)
  • The chips and pretzels that used to be all falling down up there on the top left got their very own basket--still on the top.
  • And the vinegars and oils got pulled out of a very congested corner.
  • We have only two cookbooks--the leafy binder and the Weber cookbook that's hiding under it.
  • We do use the mixer and bread maker quite regularly.  (Let me clarify--J uses the bread maker regularly--he's very good at making bread. :)
  • We have another pantry for stuff like paper plates, flours and sugars, etc. in a BIG cupboard in the laundry room. 
And the gray--it's so...drastic. ;)  (But it definitely covered up all of those scuff marks.)

A quick, easy project that makes it all work better.


  1. Looks great!!! I so love an organized pantry!

  2. Oh how I miss you Gini! I remember how perfect your dorm room always was. I wish you lived closer so that you could help me out! :)

  3. Inspired!! I am working on the kids bathroom right now, but have been dying to paint my closets and pantries too!! Love the color!

  4. Hahahahaha. Great job....but it's like we're not even related! My pantry organizational philosophy goes something like this: try to make it fit and try to keep like things together. Voila! Of course, a platypus would tell you my mission seems to be to imitate Noah in preparing for his voyage or imitate la madre in preparing for Y2K. I've also been told I'm a lot like the aunt for whom you used to go organize. Imagine!

  5. Hi!
    I am contributing writer on the blog I Heart Naptime and I am writing an upcoming post about organizing the home and would love to include one photo plus link to this post. I know that we all love exposure and the post will go live next week, but I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't mind the photo and link back. Let me know if you'd rather not be included.

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