Sunday, February 03, 2013

Food Fight Prayers

On a rare night this past week, two of the small peeps ate all of their dinners and had the honor ;) of splitting the last piece of cake.

M sliced it so T got to choose his half.

Fearing a food fight, I silently prayed that they were exactly the same size.  They weren't.  So I prayed T wouldn't notice and that he would happen to choose the smaller piece. 

Score!  He chose the littler one!  Whew!  So glad he didn't notice the size difference!

And then--

"I saw that the other one was bigger, so I left it for you because I knew you would really like that, M."

Are you kidding me?  NO WAY!  That was the very best kind of surprise. :)

(Be still my heart, he turns 5 later this month.)


  1. The best things are the littlest thing they say that make our hearts just melt, aren't they? 5 years old already?