Friday, January 11, 2013

They Ski

The two "big" kids got downhill skis for Christmas.  (Yikes! ;)

While Bez and I camp out in the warm, J has been practicing with them.  First on the smallest of all imaginable "hills" in our backyard.  Then down our neighborhood sledding hill.  And finally on Wednesday night he took them to an actual ski slope not far from where we live. 

Sledding and Skiing in the Neighborhood:

At the Slopes:

 J is a brave, brave guy--two on one--whew!  But, they sure do LOVE it! :)

(I think we may have a family ski trip in our future--I last went skiing before M joined our family--it's been a very long time. :)

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  1. This is awesome! Our hope is to get the boys up next winter since Owen will be able to join ski team next year in his elementary school!! Love a ski family! So fun!