Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Snake-In-The-Book Trick (Winter Reading)

December-January Read It/Watched It List

Over Thanksgiving
(We learned about St. Lucia just as we were loving THIS Christmas song about her from A Slugs and Bugs Christmas.)

Over Christmas
(We finished the series on New Year's Eve--the exact same day the book ends.  Love it when that happens.)

The Miracle Worker (The book)
The Miracle Worker (The movie)

(A Christmas gift from GrammyKathy)

Who Was Daniel Boone?
The Louisiana Purchase: Would YOU close the DEAL?

Sometimes they think it's really funny to tuck these miniature snakes a few pages ahead.  Perhaps because the first time they did it I gasped and leaped up to shake "the squished bug" out of the book. :)

NOVA: Hubble's Amazing Rescue

Laying on the driveway at midnight watching the Geminid meteor shower in December.

The Hobbit
(The book with Daddy.)
The Hobbit
(Date night movie.  {Loved it minus all of the orc fights.:)} )

Akeelah and the Bee
(Is there a better way to get kids REALLY excited about spelling? ;)

(My current addiction.)

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