Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Great Office Purge

At this time every year my heart starts to skip a happy beat because we go through a refreshing whole-house purge.

About a week ago I tackled the office/guest room.  
(I removed enough twaddle to fill a large garbage bag.  Simply delighted.)

The desk. 
(No matter what's lurking inside, I love that it always looks so clean with the doors closed...)

De-cluttering the desk space.
(Good-bye chocolate bars. :( )

Tidying up the desk drawer.

Clearing the storage bench.

Including the inside--filing away last year's paperwork and making fresh new file folders for this year.

Purging the shelves, bins and boxes in the closet.

Yaffa Blocks (from high school!) for office supply storage, the colorful bins for fabrics, the clear bin for gift bags and a large basket for gifts.  Hanging space for knitting supplies (they haven't seen much daylight recently. ;).
And a happy face from J that it was all accomplished without spending a penny. ;)


  1. Your before and after photos are absolutely beautiful, and I am over the moon in love with your desk cabinet! Swooon!