Friday, January 04, 2013

No Way!--Family Photos

Hold on to your hats!  I'm about to show you something that has NEVER happened before. 

We actually had our family photos taken by professionals. :)  

It was a Christmas surprise miracle for the grandparents.

I love this--J captured my face when I was about to hand them to my mom.  So, SO cheesy.

[Insider's Info:  Bez was totally on to that we wanted her to smile, so in typical two-year-old style she pretty much refused after the first shot (the first photo below).  She was holding something that she let us know in no uncertain terms would not end well if we tucked it away until later.  J worked double-time using his best tickling tricks to get her to smile for the rest of the session. ;)]

Without further ado---our family photos. ;)


  1. Beautiful pictures and ones that you will treasure in later years!!! We only ever had pictures done once professionally and I still have the picture displayed.

  2. Love the pics!!! Such a cute family!!!!

  3. Ya'll are the cutest family! LOVE the pics!!!

  4. You're one of the living proofs that a mom can still stay beautiful even with kids, G. :) I like your solo picture! You look so attractive and very prestigious!