Sunday, January 06, 2013

Losing our Marbles

This past week we have been deeply entrenched in an obsession with marbles.  It's a love/hate affair.

Who knew that a game of marbles could be so cut-throat?

Who knew that marbles could make you want to cry?

Who knew that you could play marbles three times in one day and still want more?

Who knew that marbles could teach you about grace?

I'll tell you who.  That Grammy and Aunt Marg.  Aunt Marg gave us this hand-made game before she met Jesus.  She was in her 90's.  She and Grammy used to play all the time.  And after a whole week of playing practically non-stop, it's hard to imagine those two sweet ladies playing this nail-biter of a game.  I hear Aunt Marg let out a whoop when she sent another player "home."  Every time we play, it makes me smile to remember. :) 

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