Monday, January 28, 2013

Funnies: Pancake Mouf

The many delighted faces of the pancake eater.
(She can eat three in the time it takes the others to finish one.)

Beza?  Where are all of your pancakes?
 Right here. In the mouf.

 Need more.  Please.  Over to Beeza.

Where will you put them?
 In the mouf.

Thank you, Daddy!

 She is equally enchanted by donuts.

Donut date with Mommy yesterday.

While the other two were taking their first runs down the whole mountain. 
These videos give me a heart attack ;), crack me up (did you see the part where J accidently knocks M to the ground two or three times in a row?), astonish me at how little they look out there and make me happy that they're having such a great time (J couldn't get them to leave--they were out for 7 hours). :)  Oh, and T's hand position?  J told him that's the way to go fast. (Hahaha.)


  1. AWESOME JOB!!! I can't believe how FAST and good they picked this up!!! I hope my kids do this well next year!!

  2. Awww! Sweetness! And so cool that your kids are already skiing!!!