Monday, January 21, 2013

Funnies: Dragon Slayers

Let's say that you decide to go put away the laundry after dinner.  It's dark outside and there are no lights on yet upstairs.  You're on your way up when you hear your kids say that they're heading upstairs, too.

Naturally, you hide.

And jump out at their level when they walk into your dark room.
(Hahahaha. :)

Then, if they've just finished reading The Hobbit with their daddy, they might just spontaneously start pretending to be dwarfs fighting Smog (that would be you) the Dragon.

An hour-long quest to slay the dragon might ensue.  A mission requiring "armor" (a winter coat, hat, gloves, flashlight, basket lid and shorts with shoes and no socks), flashlights and the guts to walk around upstairs in the dark where a dragon is patiently lying in wait.

It also requires roaring--if you're a dragon, that is.  

And then vanilla cake to soothe hoarse throats and to cool down very warm dwarfs who wear winter coats inside.  

It also means that the laundry will wait until tomorrow.

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