Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas in Photos

Christmas Morning at Our House 
(Saturday Dec. 22)

Birthday Donuts

The "Big"Gifts
(Loving Family Camper, BatCave, Melissa and Doug Cookies)

Family Gift--900 (900!) pieces of Tree Timbers

Finding out our Samaritan's Purse Shoeboxes are going to Angola.

The last surprise of the day--New cardboard houses like the ones they got last Christmas and haven't stopped talking about all year long.

Christmas with GrammyKathy and Grandpa
(Sunday December 23)

Santa on the firetruck exactly as we were buckling up for the 4-hour drive.  A very festive beginning.

My parents reading a letter they wrote to all of us to tell us how much they love us.

Our "skit" for the year for our parents--a version of Family Feud (aka Family Harmony).

The annual look-a-like shirt photo.

Fun with paint.

A perfect ending with fireworks in the clear moon-filled sky.

Christmas with Nana and Pop
(Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)

Games and games of Stratego.

 Handmade-by-Nana aprons, chef hats and oven mitts. (And homemade pot-pie.)

Christmas Eve Candlelight service with snow falling outside.

Special gifts handmade by Great-Grandpa.

And first pairs of skiis.

A very Merry 2012 Christmas. :)

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