Wednesday, May 30, 2012

She Sings!

Last week Bez (Bayz) started putting two words together--so fun!  She was saying cute things like "flou-flou pity" (flowers pretty) and "Hi, Daddy!" and "More, please!" and "No, no hair. (when she didn't want us to touch her hair)" and "milk gone" all by herself.  It seems like she's been storing up words and they're they're just popping up all over the place.

And she sings You Are My Sunshine to herself All. Day. Long.  Mostly the words, " you..." over and over.  So insanely cute!

One more time. :)
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Weekend Skinny

Memorial Day Weekend 2012 Photo Journal

The Big Plant
We kick-started the weekend by planting this van-load of free flowers from one of J's co-workers.  She not only gave them to us, but she also planted all of them at our house!   

And along the way I found seven 4-leaf clovers and one 5-leafed clover.  I obviously spend way too much time looking down. :)

Cabin Time
On Saturday we headed to J's family's cabin for a quick overnight and some creek-time.

Party Time
On Sunday we had my parents' 60th Birthday Celebration.  It should be noted that their birthdays are not until the end of this year, but as a family insider it is a known fact they rarely celebrate any holiday on the actual holiday.  It's how they roll.

My parents are also known for doing some pretty funny things at family affairs (Exhibit A--click here.).  Soooo we invited the party guests to present my parents with awards--in good spirit--for some of their fun little quirks.  They were kind-of funny. ;)

During the party J took the smallest two back to the cabin for some "rest" time.  They were obviously thrilled with that idea.

It all ended well. :)

Memorial Day
After a full, fun day of celebrating, we drove back home so that today we could go to our small town parade and have our first pool time of the year.

Oh, and during today's rest time, a very tired little person took some time away from his rest to do a little body art.  (Apparently we are slow learners.;)

Thank you to all of the service men and women who have and do sacrifice so much to bravely protect our country.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sticky Situations

A few months ago we started reading Sticky Situations: 2 together.  Love it!

(It is fair to note that the cover drives me batty. ;)
Read an excerpt HERE.

Super-short kid-life scenarios, organized by date (how easy is that?), with one multiple-choice what-should-they-do question and a quick discussion point.

M's one complaint is that she wants to know what happens in the story after they make the choice.  :)

Which led to this little vignette one fine afternoon when there was much grumbling among the small people to watch TV.  They had watched an inordinate amount in the morning.  I extolled the virtue of imagination over zone-out time (Wouldn't you love to be one of them?).  They did not share my opinion (Shocking, huh?). 

And so I said, "Hey, this is like one of those sticky situations (I know, I know--that's not cheesy at all. ;)."  

"There were two little kids who kept whining to their mommy about watching TV, but she thought that it was really good for them to play and use their imaginations instead of watching TV.  What do you think they should do?"

"Listen to their mommy," in unison.

"Hey, and look you get to see what happens after they make that choice!  The little girl rolls her eyes and makes a deep sigh and the little boy who is eating a pretzel keeps dropping large chunks on the floor and then steps on them by accident and the littlest girl, sitting in her chair, keeps saying 'more, more, more' for more cheerios and the mommy is thinking about what to make for dinner."

Things were getting dicey, but then they laughed (making pretzel crumbs is apparently quite hilarious). It broke the mood--it was good. 

All of this to say that we totally love and highly recommend the book. :)

On a completely different note, sometimes we have our own little church at home.  We rock out to songs like this.  Well, we don't really "rock out" per say, but seriously, this is an awesome version of the song (This Little Light Of Mine) and, you know, kind-of inspires me to want to break into some free-styling.  (Can you imagine?)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Getting Ready for a Par-Tay

Busy making these:

and these:

for this:

My parents' 60th Birthdays Celebration! :)
(Aren't they cute parents?)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Funnies: Bulbed

(This one's for you, Mom. ;)

So, we have a few people in our family (who shall remain nameless, you know, to protect their innocence and all) who are a bit, shall we say, hair-follicle-challenged.  Some might say, "Bald."

My kids say, "Bulbed."

My favorite.  Oh, yes, my favorite is when they say something like this, "My mommy said not to tell you that you are bulbed."  Oh, I just love this because it means that we've been talking about their hair--or lack there-of.  And everyone likes to know that they've been being talked about...  Aye-aye-aye.

Even better is when the conversation repeats itself with complete strangers, in say, the grocery store.

Having a sense of humor is definitely a requirement for this gig. (Along with the ability to quickly apologize. :)

The crew among some real "bulbs" on a Sunday evening walk through a country garden.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On My "Bookshelf" This Week

I have a new blog "crush."  Steady Mom.

A few weeks ago I read her new book Mindset for Moms.  And I just finished reading her first book, Steady Days.  SO GOOD.

I feel like she wrote down all of my cluttered thoughts in a practical, guilt-free, clear, real way.   After reading her books I completely feel inspired and motivated as a mom.  (If only I could get the small people to cooperate. ;)

This book is organized into 30 short, practical chapters about approaching everyday mom/life stuff with a positive attitude.  One of my favorite ideas is to just write down and accomplish 6 goals each day--love it because sometimes it's hard to tell what I've gotten done even though I know I've been doing something and I have a huge mental list (You know, things like vacuum, mop, fold the 10-day-old laundry, put the RSVP's in the mail. ;)


Steady Days talks about being organized (with stuff and routines), being enthusiastic, learning together, and making memories.  Chock-full of practical, helpful tools.  I loved her schedules (imagine that!). :)  I really do baulk at being too rigid because for some reason I think that it would stifle my spontaneity. ;)  But she talks about how having an organized schedule actually helps you be more flexible because then you know what your can realistically fit into a day.  Good stuff.

So, two great books, but wait there's more!  :)  Her blog, Steady Mom.  This post yesterday--awesome.  The Complicated Simple Life.  Amen.

If you happen to read that post and follow it over to Simple Mom you'll see her great deal--if you buy Mindset for Moms, you'll get Steady Days for FREE.  How cool is that?  Check it out.

And one last thing--I LOVE this song by Kimmy Vos--Be Still.  Click HERE to listen to a sample. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Found It and Made It Monday

On a recent "antiquing" expedition with this one...

We found this...

Which is absolutely perfect for this...

I might be addicted. :)

Also, tonight we had this (Pasta Primavera)...
Inevitably dissected by the small people, DEVOURED by the big ones. :)  Yum!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day: Where's the Smoke?

It was a sweet, relaxing weekend.  Some fun games with T, antiquing with M, chilling on the hammock and quite a bit of picnicking with yumminess from local fresh shops. Yummmm....

Keeping it Funny
Yesterday we were taking a walk through a park when the lovely aroma of a skunk filled the air.  Strange children liked the smell.  But, T did ask where the green smoke was hiding.  Sweet boy is living in a cartoon world. :) 

My Mother's Day bouquet of wild flowers.

Happy Mother's Day!

(Really loved this Mother's Day blog post shared by Lauren.)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's Up: The Real Life Version

A few glimpses of life around here in pictures.

We have our first loose tooth.  (Bottom center left.)  Girl is through-the-roof excited.  In equal proportion, I am thoroughly grossed out. ;)

Dude got a buzz cut and looks like his younger self.  Nostalgic. 

The papers and money-due envelopes are piling up.  I stink at papers and due dates.

 Keeping the small folks working smoothly has been a bit of a challenge lately (Another post for another day!).  Anyway, it has led to the creation of a few more "reminder cards" for their bedroom doors.  Fingers-crossed.

The latest in hand-wear around here.  (Insert eye roll.)  Dermatitis on my hands has been a particular nuisance as of late.  These lovely blue gloves help a little bit--though they tend to make me look like a germ-a-phobe when I forget to take them off. ;)  Oh, I've also been getting some on-going stomach issues checked out.  This week I, along with six other potentially lactose-intolerant chums, drank a lactose-containing concoction and then sat in a waiting room for three hours together.  Does that sound like sitcom material, or what? (And those would be our tent caterpillars in a jar.  I have no idea where they are in there--or even if they're still in there...)

Ever since this dude showed up a few weeks ago at 5:30pm, we had to cease and desist with any feeding of the birds and squirrels.  Kind-of cool to watch him through the window.  Kind-of not-so-cool that he was out and about before nightfall. 

And, finally, these flowers are out in their full glory.  They are A-MAZ-ING.   Love them!

Here's to a quiet night!  :)  Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

This Week's Media List :)

This past weekend J and I read Bob Goff's book Love Does.  

Ever since reading Donald Miller's A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, I've been captivated by this guy, Bob Goff.  He lives life to the fullest in some of the most fun, crazy ways.  Whimsical, thought-provoking, inspiring read.

Also, this week Inspired to Action recommended Yancy's newest CD.  The small gang and I have been loving it.  Check it out HERE.

Have a great night!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Funnies: Holy WHAT?!

The other day a song with the word holiness was on in the van.

(I can do many things--sadly, try as I might, keeping lyrics and song titles and artists in my head is not one of them.)

Anyway, we heard the word holiness in some song and M piped up, "I know what holymess means."  

Laughing to myself because holymess is just really funny and I couldn't wait to hear what she thought, I nonchantly said, "Oh, yeah?  What does it mean?"

M: "Well, I think it's like my room right now.  It's a big mess, but I'm having so much fun with everything!  I'm using it all for good stuff.  That's holymess."

Me: "Yeah, I think you're right.  That's a good way to think about a holy mess."

I LOVE 6-year-old theology. :)

M's holy mess.  She was building a floor plan with books.  There are meeting rooms and bedrooms and bathrooms and toy rooms.  And pretty much everything else she owns mixed in there somewhere.

Speaking of messes.  This dude has been choosing to sleep on the floor ever since he was sick last week.  Why the hard floor?  And why the hard floor surrounded by really hard blocks?  I have no idea.  But he loves it and it works so we just roll with it.

This guy is one awesome sleeper.  Remember when we found him sleeping HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE?

Happy Sunday Night!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Favorites

A few weeks ago J texted me to let me know he was on his way home and asked if I needed anything.

I jokingly wrote back that flowers and chocolate cake would be awesome.  Ha. Ha. :)  

I totally told him that I was just teasing.

But he came home with chocolate cake and these.

He's a pretty great guy. :)

Oh, also, this week some sort of turbo fast stomach bug took us all down in a matter of hours--and I'm so thankful that 1.) J was able to stay home on Wed to help when I felt the worst, and 2.) that it's finally on it's way out! :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I Got Out

of the house over the weekend to volunteer with Compassion at a local concert with Mitch McVicker.

Loved his music.  Here's one of my favorites:

He uses that "junk" on the table to make background loops--T thinks it's like the best thing ever and since he saw this he's been collecting his own "junk" to make music (Just what we need... ;) 

We have a sad little cookie-tosser in the house tonight (we're up to twelve times in 4 hours-impressive), so I'm off to continue alternating between comforting and disinfecting... 

Happy Tuesday! Stay well! :)